How would you describe your music? Dont use genres


Describe your music. Without using genre names.

The purpose of this thread isnt for advertising…its more to help others to determine what creative direction they want to go in regards to their music.


A combination of fast complex breaks, and heavy synthetic basslines juxtaposed with atmospheric melodies.

Incorporating non contemporary glitch, noise, and foley elements into contemporary music. Pushing the boundaries of rhythm and atmosphere in a contemporary context.

Improvements needed:
Need to put more work into composition. As well as mixing. And designing sounds that complement each other better.

Music quality:
Not the best thing since sliced bread. Some of it is trash and some of it is ok. But overall the music is Average because composition and mixing could be a lot better.


I make music people can dance to. I usually prefer bass heavy (though that doesn’t mean the bass line need be complex or sound-design-y). I do it in all flavors from melodic, dark, dry or fx heavy, sometimes more sample-based, sometimes more synthesis based and of course I mix those more or less evenly on some occasions.

I’ve also really been getting into making bootlegs (remixes) on my main sampler lately. These will be performed live sporadically during DJ sets, they wouldn’t be released to the public for free or for sale out of respect for the original artists.

My other sampling habits are more about making something new out of snippets of sound taken from other songs and non-musical sources. I don’t like the term sample mangling for myself, as I think that implies something lo-fi or chaotic which isn’t always what I do.

I do feel more confident behind the decks or behind a sampler than I do a synth–I’m pretty simple when it comes to sound design. I usually like bread and butter sounds and like to focus on the groove and energy of the track.

Making the audience wiggle their hips is my main goal. I’ve got lots of ways I like to get there. As a DJ I like to do multi-genre sets and my song-making reflects that. (Though sometimes you just have to play what the audience wants to groove to!)


Like a breath of fresh air on the wings of an angel, occasionally inhaled by an unspeakable cosmic horror then bellowed into the universe. Sometimes as a raucous fart.

Liquid synth lines fit for a dystopian corporate future where the poors fight back while just struggleing to exist.


Electronic compendium of crossbred old school sounds, simple music and beats covering a range of tempos and moods.


Complete shit


I make dance music. Fuck Genres Just Dance.

Give me a filthy beat, a magical vocal house, piano driven nu disco or melodies from a synth.

Just make it groove.


@bfk , @relic very cool description! :kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing: I like reading about basslines and beats , maybe i should read Computer music magazine or FM Magazine. :relieved::relieved::relieved::relieved:


Honestly CM mag isn’t awful, not at least when I was reading it like 15 years ago.


Downtuned guitars meet dystopian corporate future and 80s synths, driving mechanical drum beats, and thicc bass grooves.


Depeche mode? :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Fast + hard and euphoric synthesizer music with lots of piano and a smooth finish…hard to describe without any mention of genre.


Organic sounds of human musings with occasional touches of surrealism, historical reference and multilayered or blended imagery.

Or something :sunglasses:


What I really want to so is just sample random shit on YouTube and be the dollar store Acen of 2023. Bleep n Bass renaissance yall!


Use audacity.


I’ve just been running YouTube off my phone straight into my SP-16 sampler. But that’d work too : )


i forgot the specific settings but its probably on googletube…


strangely, I’ve never got that to work on my current laptop, though I’ve done that in the past when I was mostly using a DAW to make music


I make shiny, frilly, girly piano pop sounding music with lyrically introspective complexities and occasional harmonic or rhythmic surprises.


Maybe not quite new but it describes my music quite well even without genre and words :joy: