How to start a music scene?

What’s up guys! I’m from Miami, FL and I love indie rock, punk, and underground music. I’ve been to Brooklyn many times and the scene up there is amazing… Down here in Miami there isn’t really an indie scene and I’m interested in starting a DIY venue or program for bands… Any tips on how to start?

Sorry that you haven’t really got a response to this. My advice is start slow, it is easy to burn yourself out, also because your first shows probably wont have many people. Find some local bands, offer to book them. Do a show maybe once every two or three months to start? See if you can find a venue that is easy to book and you can use regularly.

If you are hoping for DIY bands from out of town to come: have space for them to stay. Some futons and enough floor space to host them and their gear inside safe from stealing if they want. You might need a friend. Also learn how to cook huge batches of (potentially vegan) food - chilli is an easy go to.

Persistence is key here. Over time, word of mouth will do the work, and you’ll have regulars that will come back each time and they are going to be the backbone of your scene. Be open to soliciting demos and putting on whoever, be a place bands can do their first show and suck without fearing they’ll never be asked back. The scene will grow over time, but it will take a few years and it could collapse the instant you stop booking.

Find record shops or other places that would be willing to have you post flyers, make quirky, weird, eye catching ones that aren’t just a buncvh of band names and a place. Put a short description of each on there.