How to piss off a music producer

Overcharge for monitors with shitty sound

Re route all the cables to different Jack’s

Compression lots of it

Copyright sine waves

Copyright all of music theory

Download free samples and resell them for 100% profit margin

All Remixes claim as original work but only heavily sample other artists…and pass of their work as your own.

When they order fruity loops…ship them a paychecks worth of fruit loops cereal…

Song Mashups, the more the better

Say your producer…but you work in the produce section of a supermarket.

Comment good kick sound on all tracks

Critique the kick sound for more plays on your tracks.

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Show up to record with rusty old strings on your guitar/bass or heavily used drum heads on your kit.

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Shift blame for shitty music by complaining about the masters and mixing.

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Make a synth vst with a cutting edge gui…but it only has the capabilities of fls 3xosc…and it crashes every 3 minutes and price it at 5k per month for rental…

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Make a tutorial about mastering but all you do is eq in audacity and boost the low end about +6db…so all you can hear is brrrr…

Audacity is a daw.

Make basic tracks, with a picture of a hot girl as album art…then pay 5k for bot click bait service that jukes the stats from 0 to 20 billion views as advertising to boost album sales.