How to piss off a dj/sound guy


Ill go
Song requests


Ask them if they do children’s birthday parties


I love this one. Maximum disrespect


Just talk about the music. And start arguing with him.


Walk around the Dj decks holding a pint, & blurp for some hip hop tune in a middle of a rave with the story telling about hip hop just after you smoked 20 cigis outside :joy::joy::joy::joy: or stand still right in front of the dj with a mad weirdo face & point out every technical mistakes :sunglasses::sunglasses:

For sure we’ve all seen those type of guys in parties :triumph::triumph:



Ask for the sexy part of lil louis? I’m just guessing, but it has no drums and it’s either going to go over great or terrible without much room in between.


Ask the dj to play anything from the IDMF catalogue…


Ask about the bass drop


I last time I played a disco set in public this woman kept yelling at me for not playing any “old stuff.” Literally the whole set was vintage, I kept trying to tell her it was all old but the wine in her head refused to listen to me.