How to not need fancy gear if you know how to foley


A foley thread…to discuss how to make sounds from unexpected sources.

So i saw on ig a guy using tupperware and rubber bands to make djent in a daw…

All he had was rubber bands, plastic tupperware, a mic and a daw…


That’s a cool meme for sure, but the track’s pretty awful. I think he could probably do a much better job with Vital or something but it wouldn’t gain enough clicks to be the kind of retard sludge that really dumb people watch on Tiktok. I’d be slightly impressed if it actually sounded anything like a metal track, but there’s that.

If you want to build up massive things with foley, you can do it in a less meme-worthy fashion and build onto it over a long period of time, even. For example, I’ve miked a bunch of stuff with a $99 field recorder, made a cool little falcon library out of it, resampled it, chucked it into modular, threw it back into other rigs, etc, and you wouldn’t have guessed that it was just a recording of me running water down the drain or something.

(Don’t get me started with Renoise or Redux, because that thing is an audio grinder all on its own)

Even a standard phone’s mic nowadays is enough to at least record plenty of sounds and keep you busy for a long time. My recommendation is to go out into the world (or just around your house) and try to capture as many different textures as possible. You can use that to chuck into Vital, serum, or any other noise / WT oscillator for some good ‘starter culture’, and get you into the groove of doing some really cool designs with sounds you’ve ‘found’. Don’t have a phone? Nobody is ever going to know if you use IMGXXXX.

But at that point, you’ve lost all meme quality and you’re not going to get those sweet clicks


idk that tupperware looks pretty elite


Sadly I thought so as well. .it puts my old takeout curry containers to shame