How to make the music thats inside your head

Do electronic music covers this helps you apply your knowledge cause you force yourself to figure out how to apply the knowledge youve gained.

Record yourself humming singing beatboxing it when you have the time…like sing the leads…by singing i mean dont use any words…like jazz scat…sing or hum the bass and beatbox the beat. and use these recordings as reference tracks To translate the idea into reality.

Years of practice and studying of sound design to know how to get a pacticular sound of effect.

This is how ive been able to reach a point where i can effectively make the music that i think of.

Yup, he did admit he was. And I’d say he succeeded.

Fun fact: the 1st time I heard that song was in the early hours at a club, at a time when they were still mostly unknown (at least to the general populace). I remember thinking, “What? a new Pixies single??” but then the voice wasn’t right so it was very perplexing to me (I was not entirely sober, yes).

And then “Come as you are”, wasn’t that a rip-off of Killing Joke (the bass line + sound)? There were discussions about that, I seem to recall.

All good tips @bfk, I especially like this one:

With some software you can actually directly convert your humming or singing into MIDI, for instance using “Convert Melody to New MIDI Track” in Ableton Live (at least since v10 IIRC).

Depending on the length of your recording, using it as a reference might improve your skills on the way, but the automatic conversion might save some time. I used that on a track, but I’m not sure rn which one it was, might have been this one:

Also interesting to read that about Kurt Cobain, I didn’t about know that.

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Learning more about theory and composition tends to help in this category for me. That way I can transform what I hear inside my head into a decent song rather than making the rough draft I have in my head the final copy, which never turns out well.

Usually refining helps a lot, because the stuff that comes to me doesn’t really work like a song should. But I should also stress that usually doing crazy designs is what fuels songs for me and not the other way around, so I’m not normally trying to recreate the cheesy melodies that I come up with but rather making cool designs all day and branching out into song form later on.

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