How to dance/rave to....(insert genre)


How to dance to idm


Don’t question the vibe.


a tutorial on how to dance to electronic music


Back in my London days, during the Notting Hill carnival, where you have all kinds of decorated double-decker buses going through the area (some with massive sound-systems), at around 11 am I saw this guy dancing like an absolute maniac, DNG/jungle style, going for it like his life depended on it.

Fun part? There was zero music playing and he didn’t have headphones. I watched him going at it for a good 10 minutes. This was amazing - the guy was gone. Must have had some really good drugs in his system. That was late 90’s, so no smartphone videos. Shame, this guy could have been a star on the internet.


At a party I went to like a decade or more ago there was this guy that never left his spot on the dance floor all night, absolutely loosing it to Jungle like all night. We named him “the jungle saved my life” guy. I never saw him not dancing.


hahaha nice! Yeah, that level of endurance is defo chemically induced. No way you can “jungle” all night non-stop, even in your 20’s.





Sources claim he was in a bathroom stall once, and somebody next to him took a shit that “coincidentally” looked too much like his own. That lawsuit was dropped after the offender flushed the toilet and ran


i remember that shit, holy shit, the shit that went down was pretty epic shit brah…


I dont know what can’t be danced like this


Can you dance to autechre? These two certainly can!