How reduce limiter pumping?

So if i add +30dB gain i get into pumping. If i add sidechain on every track that pumps will that reduce pumping?

This is loudness war :smile:

I think release was wrong 200ms :smiley:

Yeah, attack needs to be fast enough too, say 2-3 ms and then I run up to 700 ms release if I need to so that it’s not very audible. But 30 db is a lot, at some point you should just run a gain plugin before your limiter and have your limiter do less. Unless you’re making tracks with 30 db + of dynamic range 0.0

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Why would you add 30 dB on the master bus if I may ask?

Maybe 30 dB is too much. But for finished sound you need a limiter.

I think 30 dB is for YouTube videos is needed because youtube videos sounds too loud.

I’m not sure if you’re joking but I’m gonna assume you’re not.

It completely depends on what kind of material you have and how loud your project is when it gets summed up in the master bus. There’s a plug-in called Loudness Penalty and it tells you exactly how many dB you need to gain or decrease to be safe on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and iTunes. If your track is too loud the platforms will apply their own compression and this will obviously change the sound to something you have no control over.

Yeah. I want add that it depends on what you get before the limiter. :v:

Sorry If I directed you to the wrong direction :sleepy::hushed: Because music production is very subjective.:space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:

I agree with a longer release you will get less pumping, but it depends on the track and the effect. I would also check and sidechained effects that may introduce that as well. 30 db is quite a lot as others have said

+30dB into a master channel…:thinking:

I don’t use this method anymore.

Do you really want an answer to that lol?

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To reduce the pumpkin, you have to carve some spectral holes into the different layers at the right spots, halloween-style! ^^

One toy for making stuff loud without introducing too much unwanted changes is a multiband limiter with a high number of bands such as Elevate - additionally, use frequency-specific sidechaining on the different elements with something like Trackspacer or a dynamic EQ or multiband compressor with sidechain options…