How do i make acid (music genre)

hey peeps i know its a basic sound thats been around for a while, but to get a good squelchy acid sound
i have yet to produce due to lack of knowledge, also i feel like i should be able to know how to make this sound even though it doesn’t fit my personal taste…despite this i feel that this sound has been a huge influence and was a precursor and had huge influence on bass music

so basically how do i make an acid sound similar to this

First find a good chemist. Er nope. Scrap that. That’s the other acid.

Take a square or saw. Make sure it’s in mono. Open the low pass filter fully and crank the resonance full on.
Filter: fast attack and decay. Sustain so it stays on as long as you hold a key down. Small amount of decay.
Make a sequence (this is where the magic lies) but a mixture of short and long notes with spaces and slides.
Start the sequence off. Slowly close the lowpass filter, while slowly lowering the resonance. You start to hear the acid sound and then tweak them to get the sound you want. On the The Electribe 2 I would use single saw in mono, the acid lowpass filter. I’d start with the Filter on 54 out of 127 (that’s how it shows up on it) and the frequency at 87 out of 127.

The synth itself will also also have an impact on the sound depending on the type of filter. The MS 20 mini is good for acid, as is the Volca bass, sh 101, Electribes, Bass Station and obviously the 303,03 and clones.


Having a simple, analog style sequencer that uses simple note on/off, ties and rests helps a lot too.

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Ive never made acid in my life. If i was going to try, my advice to myself would be to choose the right synth. No point tweaking the wrong synth for hours tryna get the sound, get a 303 emulation.


What can I say, the New Korg Volca Nubass looks/sounds the perfect tool.

If Josh Winks had one of these back in the day then his consciousness would of been in a far higher state :grinning:


If you have an iOS device I highly recommend Ruismaker Trouble Maker…fantastic instant acid with lots of extra goodies. Extra waveforms and great FX.


If you’re looking for a hardware option the x0xb0x is an open source TB-303 clone with MIDI and all kinds of other goodness added.

I want to know to!


acid type sound…wierd tunings play with it till you get a wierd bass sound with high harmonics and messed up phases then fm mod it, it doesn’t have to be tonal…the trick is to create a sequence/gate with the envelope modding the volume…and the filter…i usually use a bandpass filter

but if you want create a few of synth patches with each using a different type of filter or different filter settings and create a different sequence for each synth patch mixing the higher frequency sequence with the lower frequency sequence

classic acid…best bet is an emulator or to play around with a preset that replicates it, the acid sound got popular due to a defect in a widely used peice of hardware basically a happy accident in music history…

the classic sound is basically saw and square waves with an envelope sequence the mods the cutoff and the resonance of a lowpass/bandpass filter i think…