How do I get started with vocal sampling?

I want to use some jungle and ragga type vocal samples in my breakcore tracks and don’t know where to start. How do DnB artists get their vocal samples? Do they crate dig to find obscure stuff that people won’t recognize or do they always clear them? Is there like a common sample pack that many DJs use?

I just bought a royalty free pack w a bunch of common chants and phrases. Rare vocals on vinyl from reggae will cost $$$$$ if the seller knows what they have.

Start same place where you start your breakcore.

Finding soundsystem vocals isn’t as effortless as finding amen breaks

Just look on loop masters, I don’t recall the name of the pack but I bought one this summer. It was pretty cheap. Under $30 usd or I wouldn’t have spent the money.

Also on loop masters the let you break up the packs so you only have to buy what you want sometimes. So you can get just the vocals, for example.

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To directly answer your question I think most artists probably use cleared stuff these days. Im sure like big Jungle labels have a studio vocalist or two they go to get stuff recorded if they need something unique. In my listening experience its the same kinda stuff over and over again.

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-.Record yourself toasting. Toasting is an actual term.
Years of speech
-. Youtube. Interviews, documentaries, african people talking, rape discussions, talks about cute cats, talks about dark matter, quantum mechanics, etc… Talks about psychopathy, emotional abuse, dmt, (drugs), climate changes…
Motivation speech, or just normal people talking…

Personally i would go for something that was never used, or raarely.

I do not know exactly where does jungle ragga type vocals come from, i believe some of is is just sampled toasting from old raggae/ dub tracks.

First video i found, it definitly makes sense.
If you would make a sick jungle beet, fat neuro bass, and toast some incredible lyrics that mean a lot you could end up a legend.