Hopefully All is Well Ice Dwellers!

My wife and I have been dealing with super F’d temps and weather the last 4ish days. Blackouts, cycling, etc…Inability to really go anywhere. Definitely not Texas weather, at least not outside of once every 10 years, type stuffs.

Our house for the first time has reached 60 degrees inside.

Anyway, power is still cycling but I’ve been able to get on today and work on tunes out of sheer boredom. One more night of possible crap weather and then fine, hopefully.

Hopefully anyone else dealing with this is doing ok. I’ll link pictures later. Had a record year, I think. #2021 haha

Glad to hear you all are OK. I heard from another former IDMf member from Texas that they are OK. Don’t want to dox his real name here. Real chill guy who was into metal and like some 80s electronica/retro/horror soundtrack type stuff.

Anyway. @bbb glad you are all right. We got a crazy amount of freezing rain. I left the house today and it was like ice/snow/ice/snow…about three inches on my car and drive way. I can’t even shovel. It either has to melt or we pay a truck to do it. Far be it from me to complain though, this is just another winter for us in Ohio.

Stay safe! Stay warm!

I know this fellow person. Glad he’s doing well, too. At least assumingly, haven’t seen him here in a long time.

I just forget his forum name! I’ve known him by his given name for so long now on social media. Damn it its like right on the tip of my brain…