[Hip-Hop] The Artisanal Juice Shop - Beets In The Burbs

Yeah Idk man. I noticed you have a zero post count, with posting a ton of your stuff here… not much else I can say from what I said before…

…but I really just don’t feel this. It’s choppy and harsh. Sorry if that’s brutal truth, but I just don’t think this is good at all, should be in the listening booth and not in full member releases… these tracks need work. There’s vision, but the execution is very poor.

this is not how we do things

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@relic modified the number of posts required to spam your tracks, this one got through, we’ll leave this as a testament to our failure to protect the gates of IDMf, the Mod team failed you but Relic was our saviour.

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I wasn’t intentionally spamming…I had an album an ep and a single I wanted to post here, so I made a post for each. I’m sorry you don’t like my stuff and don’t feel like it should be here, but these are complete And that’s what this forum was for I thought. I appreciate the feedback thoughp