[Hip-Hop] The Artisanal Juice Shop - Ah! Giant Claw!

Similar to what I had to say on your last posts… really jarring sample jumps and beats. The beat is cool, and i can’t tell if it’s sidechaining or what… but… It doesn’t feel really tied together smoothly.

It feels like a long 50s scifi sample with some really abstract breakbeats put into place. If that’s the experimental vibe you were going for, it works… but it doesn’t flow very well at all if I’m totally honest.

I use an old mpc and sample from tapes, records and what not…im a weird dood that like weird beats what can I say. Its just my style shitty, lo-fi and avant-garde. that’s fine you don’t feel it

I think it’s a cool experimental, super outsider. But if you’re up for weird beats why not including more layers? Currently there’s only kick, snare and some hat. If you’re up for sampling just like that load more stuff into mpc. I think it needs some velocity changes to make it sound more real too, extra percussion that could mask this constant single-layered snare a bit more. Good thing that you didn’t quantize it at all and I kind of like how raw everything is. I suggest digging more into sampling.

Thank you I appreciate the feedback…and yes I think I’ll start layering percussion more. The drums are pretty bland and lackluster

the samples remind me of mf doom or madlib. pretty neat.

like _ms, i feel like adding bass or a light melody would help flesh out the track.

you could also rap over it. :smirk: