Highnote Collaboration web tool


I’ve stumbled across this site called Highnote. Has anyone used it before?

I’m think it would be quite useful for IDMf users to post their tracks in Highnote (instead of Soundcloud) to the listening booth, and that way other can give direct feedback to track sections, A/B track versions (and more if it’s a collaborative work). It might produce some interesting results in the community!

Even if not doing collab work, it is an interesting tool for A/Bing your own mixes and creating direct notes. I usually just put track notes in my apple notes, so it’s a bit disconnected.

Here is a link to the demo project that’s in my account (provided by Highnote). Check it out and let me know what you think.


I’ve been thinking about essentially the same thing, except I’ve been playing around with a service called Boombox. Not sure what the differences are, but it seems like at a glance they have many of the same features.

I think the only thing I would wonder is if Highnote has an embedded link player like SoundCloud. I think those are nice to have in the posts here on IDMF.

I feel like in general soundcloud has been whack for like a decade and I’m ready to migrate away from it.

Here’s a link to boombox. I’ll check out Highnote when i have some time.


You can put reference mix links into the project to Spotify, so I would assume you can do the same for Soundcloud. In any case, if Boombox is the same we could use that instead. Just an idea. I’ll look into both a bit deeper later.