High society


My poop is better than your poop…


Porsches and Ferraris are for tools. (My society opinion on cars)

I’ll concede Rolex has the brand, but Omega makes a materially superior watch in every way. (My society opinion on watches)

Everyone needs a pair of Jordan Ones. (My society opinion on shoes)

Bach, ahhhhhh Bach… (My society opinion on classical music)

Tito Puente is the man. (My society opinion on jazz)

Men’s Wearhouse. (My only knowledge of suits, still wear mine almost 10 years later)

The economy is a product of human conduct and rights. (My society opinion on the economy and human rights)

Does high society include awards season? If so, I have some opinions on the CMAs…


I apologize to idmf cause it’s not a thread about weed



My societal opinion about society is that society must be societally civilized…in private though…I dont flush when I poop…I guess that means I’m a hypocrite because I have fucked up standards…



My society opinion on weed is that British American should’ve gotten into it a lot sooner. My shares might still be worth something if they had.


Bitches Brew is better than Kind Of Blue. Kind of Blue is for starbucks hipsters.

There, I said it.


Do cocaine. Be somebody.


I have a very long driveway. It’s about a five minute drive from the road to my house. This is, as you’d probably expect, way the fuck off in the country in the middle of nowhere.

About two weeks ago, I was out walking a dog, sort of ambling along the general direction of the driveway, dog takes off after a squirrel, crosses said driveway, and I follow. And there it is, sitting clear as day on the asphalt, a toothbrush. Not a scraggly old thing half-buried in dirt, but a fairly new-ish looking toothbrush with a fancy green clear plastic handle with sparkles. I checked - it did not belong to the household.

When you work real hard and finally have the means to leave polite society for your own brand of quiet solitude, the last thing you expect is a toothbrush.


I reiterate - where the fuck were teachers like you when I needed them?


We exist. I drank a lot w my profs in grad school. I got one prof’s wife so stoned we had to carry her to bed like three person dead man lift lmao.


They were the ones who made us watch ride the magic school bus dont you remember



How to be a civilized functional asshole in society:

  1. Pay me 100 dollars
  2. Assholes poop, it’s what they do…so do you job and generate some poop.
  3. Poo- pourri.


I was out walking
A dog

A dog

A dog

A dog

are you a sociapath?




hahaha okay that makes sense :joy:


Dog = god

Hey wait a minute…

Omg wtf mindsplosion


obligatory repost of this piece of shit song