Hi you know me


I’m that guy who stuck with it and kept working at it…until I’ve found my own voice… I joined this forum to have a healthy exchange of musical ideas so that I can grow musically and artistically…admitted some of my ideas were horribad…and I probably should of known better…but I honestly owe a lot to this forum and have been trying to rebuild the database with wholesome content as best as I can ever since the recent purge of the old forum…even though it had lot shit in it also had some highly valuable information. But honestly nowadays I’m just gonna take a step back because I’ve made making the mistake of using the forum as an outlet for all my personal issues due to the fact that I was lost and didnt know where to turn…and may have inadvertantly caused damage to the community causing a drop off in the user base…for this I’m sorry… so I sincerely wish idmf the best in future endeavors…im just gonna take some time and work on me…and keep a lid on all my negative personal shit…cheers guys.


Hello breakcore lover! :zebra::zebra:


So… you are using the “Introduce” thread to say goodbye? Hmmm :thinking: creative! Especially since there is no “Goodbye” thread.

Best wishes on all of your future endeavors! :v: