Hi there! Just presentating my self


Hi everybody, my name is Alberto but you can call me “Baro”, that is my artist nickname.
Like lots of people all over the world I have to constantly stay home so if usually all my spare time was dedicated only to play and compose music now I can enjoy more about the communty aspect that lives behind any musical activity, like this forum.
I have been a registered member for two or three months and I never intruduced myself, but sometimes on this forum I have found inspiration and really usefull advices that helped me in music production. So, I would like to be a little actor and do my part in this community, to listen to new music, try out contests etc.
Bye for now and nice to meet you everybody!


Welcome (a bit late)!


Welcome !

Feel free to contribute :slight_smile:

We badly need like-minded and active people !


Ciao Baro, benvenuto sul forum!


Cheers! Lots of great knowledge & peeps around here. :beers: