Hi, my name Is


Hi, my name is Nik Orchid, and i came there to share my music and listen to yours!
I started to write electronic music roughly 5 years ago, when i was 11. Then, i started to listen metal and forgot about this. But little less year ago, i heard Aphex Twin first time and started to like electronic music with new strength.


Hey you’re in good company. Only IDM I listen to other than what our netlabel puts out is Aphex Twin.


Really?) What kind/kinds of music is/are your favorite?


I listen to a lot of stuff, right now I’m enjoying 70s rock and the early metal acts (Led Zeppelin, Rainbow/Dio, early Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, etc). I grew up on a steady diet of Rock, Punk, Metal, and pre-80s Country. Now I support my local jazz and classical stations, I self-curate youtube playlists of 80s japanese pop, modern underground house, and r&b/soul. The music I make is often compared to chiptune/videogame BGM. You name it and odds are I have an informed opinion. To choose a favorite out of all that is difficult, but I will say I think mid-century folksy rock (The Band, Don McLean, Steve Miller) isn’t ever going to get old for me.


Thats very cool, i like 70’s prog-rock like Pink Floyd And King Crimson. Also from 70’s, i love Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing ghristle. And i love all kinds of good metal music. From jazz, I love Miles Davis and John Coltrane, some Paul Desmond’s works. I dont listened to “mid-century” folksy rock, but i can reccomend you Jesse Collin Young’s “The Soul Of A City Boy”, very emotional acoustic folk-country rock from 60’s.


Welcome @nikorchid

What sorts of instruments, gear, DAW etc.

Also… Jesse Colin Young… great songwriter. You have good taste :sunglasses:





You’d be surprised about the tastes of other electronic musicians. I’m a huge fan of IDM myself (and plenty of other subgenres and microgenres inside of electronic music), but there’s something more visceral about rock and metal for me, so I probably listen to stuff like that 90% (or more) of the time.

Also, if you play any instruments or make your own metal, you’re definitely not alone here!


Where The Slime Live? :slight_smile: