Hi My Name is DJ 0xygen aka 0xy


hello idmf community. i am dj oxygen, formerly (formererly?.. no that’s wrong) dj oxygen. now DJ 0xygen, and also “0xy”. i make beets and electronic music. i hope you all love ukraine. watch out for bears… because they are out there… and please guys… seriously this is getting really rediculous by now… only you can prevent forest fires… and you guys are literally all doing a very shit job of that. but yeah. i’m making music again after 6 years of chaos. love yall!



Welcome back! I remember you, if that counts :grinning:


Good to see you again, I was actually just listening to your track on IDMf 049, the one synth challenge, this week. Good stuff.


Always nice to see a familiar name again. <3


Welcome back!


what was your name prior?


xnoisex, kvlt o))), probably many others


kvlt yes. i was worried about your darker nature prior to returning. hope you are well! <3 and THANK YOU for connecting :):stuck_out_tongue:


I remember that! I think that might’ve stemmed from the ‘favorite lyrics’ thread :heart:

Good to have you back!