Hi, my name is Cepheid


Hi, my name is Cepheid and was a member of IDM forums before it originally crashed under a different name, way back when. I was primarily a non participant (lurker) back then, because I was simply learning about music production. I’ve listened to a lot of the IDMF label artists throughout the years and have always been impressed with the varied content they’ve put out. A great community overall!

These days I produce music that would land somewhere between Electro, Techno, and IDM. I grew up listening to a ton of Replex and Warp records music, as well as other electronic acts (ATB, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method), west coast rap, alternative rock, plus many others. My inspiration comes from many sources. My setup consists of mostly hardware that I multitrack record into Cubase. I used Reason for a very long time, but hardware seemed to work better for my workflow. I have a few projects I’ve put out on Bandcamp.com and will be releasing my next project within a week or so, I think it will be my best work yet. But we are always improving, right?

I’m an active member on the Elektronauts forum and try to contribute as much as I can to the conversations there. I hope I can also contribute my knowledge to this community as it has given me tons of advice / information / joy over many years. Thank you!


Welcome (back)!




Welcome back




welcome (back)!