Hi IDMF crew


Hi IDMFlers,

It’s been a while…I had to deal with some health issues around the time the forum went offline (IIRC some posts were lost and everyone had to make a new account) and then stayed off the internet for a while.
Doing better now for some time already, thought I’d drop by and say hello!

Hope everyone is well!

I managed to work a lot on music during past two years, roughly 80 tracks finished.
Didn’t really change my setup, still mostly OT and AK. Bought a Shruthi, H9 and Quadraverb which makes for a perfect little setup.
Recently I’ve hooked up everything to the patchbay, though most of my older gear is put in boxes.
I really dig working with this small setup!

Besides that, still here with my wife and cat…
Everything pretty much fine. Have to go to the dentist laterz, lost a filling in february, but due to Covid19 didn’t wanna go…
I figured a lot of dentists probaply went exactly there for winter holidays where the coronavirus started to spread over to the rest of europe. Wonderful reasoning…

How are you guys?


I’m good, welcome back


Hey there, welcome back!

Damn, 80 tracks in two years? Nice! You’ve made more tracks than I have in my entire music career probably. Lol


welcome back schnork! we all come crawling back eventually :smiley:
great to have you back. i hope things get better for you. its great to hear how much music youve been making though!
im with nostromer, youve made more in 2 years than i have in my life!


Hello again


Welcome back then. Glad to have another returner from the old times.


Welcome back @Schnork … I must admit I don’t recall your avatar so perhaps our paths didn’t cross back before the big crash. I was fairly new at the time… less than a year… but it’s been good to see the forum build again with both new and former members😎


80 tracks in 2 years it’s god damn a lot!


Good to see you guys are ok! :slight_smile:

It’s not like they’re masterpieces or anything like that^^
I used to work for 6-8 weeks on my tracks, sometimes longer and while I enjoyed finetuning everything, all those micro-edits and stuff, there always was the problem of keeping my original intention throughout those weeks of finetuning.

Taking notes didn’t work and I really wanted to keep my initial thoughts and intention.

Also had to spent quite some time at home so I had lots of time recording stuff…


still better than my “new tune 3642 absolute final master seventy third version” that i have still not finished after 87 years of working on it


damn. Project compatibility must be a sonuvabitch for you.


hahaha yea i have to load my project in to the next version of the DAW, then save it and load that into the next version etc, until i get to the latest :smiley:


Good old times; pen and paper music^^


whats a pen and paper? XD