Hi, I used to go by Bx3, and Cyber_X. Currently sLoMo_MKII


My forum name’s been bbb.

How is everyone doing? I used to be stuck in a non-post mentality back in the day and I recently, through work decided(last 8months-ish) I’d post as much stuff as I could gather and make a YouTube collection of it. Soundcloud isn’t my home and it wasn’t for me. So no I make stuffs and vids to go along with.

This isn’t really a marketing spot for myself but if you want to hear stuff from an extended bit, it’s up there. otherwise, I gladly say hi.


Hey good to see ya.


Welcome @bbb I seem to remember that name from the past… is that possible?

I checked a couple of your videos. Really liked the one with piano and sounds like metal disks scraping. I hung all the way through the dead air at the end hoping for a surprise… you got me :sunglasses:


@relic @1roomstudio Thx.

Apologies for the trickery. But hopefully it tricked you into listening to more. :sweat_smile:


Hi and welcome !

Nice stuff, I’ll dig deeper when I have a moment :slight_smile: