Hi, I am DoBotomy. Return to IDMf


Hey fellow electroheads. Lurker from ages ago. Thought to sign in again and ended up signing UP again. I guess that means we’re all kind of n00bs around here, aye?

Anyway, if you’re looking for music, give DoBotomy a try (Bandcamp). I guess it fits in somewhere between Autechre, early Actress, and Involution. Second Woman is quite similiar in some ways (not an influence, since I discovered them after my last album). Maybe a bit of Bluetech influence?

Cool to see IDMf is still making compilations. 65 releases for the label! Enjoying the latest. Glad to be back here!




It is a bit slow around here these days but glad to have an old school cat back with us!

I will try and remember later to upgrade your account so you wont be restricted, if you try to post and get denied PM me!


Hullo and welcum

Hopefully this will be the year of returns to IDMF? That could be pretty cool. Let’s necro those threads, boys