Hi, I am DoBotomy. Return to IDMf


Hey fellow electroheads. Lurker from ages ago. Thought to sign in again and ended up signing UP again. I guess that means we’re all kind of n00bs around here, aye?

Anyway, if you’re looking for music, give DoBotomy a try (Bandcamp). I guess it fits in somewhere between Autechre, early Actress, and Involution. Second Woman is quite similiar in some ways (not an influence, since I discovered them after my last album). Maybe a bit of Bluetech influence?

Cool to see IDMf is still making compilations. 65 releases for the label! Enjoying the latest. Glad to be back here!




It is a bit slow around here these days but glad to have an old school cat back with us!

I will try and remember later to upgrade your account so you wont be restricted, if you try to post and get denied PM me!