Hi. I am Daed. I am also old...and new

So, is everyone coming back then? I’ve seen like 5 posts like this.

Anyways; to everyone who doesn’t know me: Hello!

To everyone else who misses the days of Keithy and the weird IDMF IRC days: Uhh… Hello! (Didn’t think this through.)


Did you just confess being Keithy?

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Nah. Tried to collab with him once as a joke, tho. Went nowhere. Whoever he is, he stayed in character the whooole time.

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Hello! Are you a dyslexic zombie?

(You’re Daed)

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Long time no see! good to see you again!

Welcome back Daed :slight_smile:

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fuck I’d forgotten about keithy. I miss the weird side of idmf. I guess the moderators are doing too much of a good job now



I just realized you’re that guy from YouTube! I really liked that Renoise EP. Props!

I’ll reply to the comment I left so you know who I am. It was badass.

Same Daed from the renoise demo tracks?

Indeed I am!