Hi from LA, I'm RamonPang

Hi everyone - my name is Ramon, I discovered this forum just from googling random ass IDM questions etc - stoked to see that there’s still an active forum going on in this day and age.

I make music as RamonPang and I also co-run an IDM/garage/progressive electronic label called Tabula Rasa Records / The Tabula Rasa Record Company. Favorite artists rn include Four Tet, Autechre, LTJ Bukem, Hudson Mohawke, Eprom and many others.

I used to go on forums a lot when I was a teen, so I’m trying this out and wanna get to know the community here a bit more. Holy christ I feel old saying that … i’m not even in my 30s yet.


Welcome Ramon!

Glad to hear Google is still working for us :smile:

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Oh shit what up @ramonpang! Been a long time. I’ve been meaning to check out what your label has been up to. Thanks for coming through here. Hope you’re well dude. :slight_smile:

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We’re also on Discord:

come say hi, and if y’all at TR have a Discord channel let us know.

Thank you! Glad to know the label is hitting the real heads (did some quick scrolling through the artists yall are discussing here) hahaha

for some recent label release highlights I think you’d all enjoy:

RamonPang - Life Cycle Waves (my new record hehehe)
Xenon Chameleon - Mud Pot
Kinoteki - Faith and the Vessel
Janis Lago - Iridesce Divine
Kelbin - EFYL

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Very nice, will be checking these out!

Howdy! Added yall to my spotify - took a gander for a few moments and liked what I heard! Excited to jam out otw to work!

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