Hi folks!

Hi Folks,

My name is Hannes and I just found/joined this forum.
I’ve been been making music for a couple of years and befor that I come from the cinema side of things which I guess reflects in how I produce music.

Nice to meet y’all




i have almost zero experience with audio for video, but when i make music i aim for a cinematic experience. im less of a musician and more of a sound designer, which reflects a lot in my so called music :slight_smile:

collab bro? hahahah


I would be u for that! :slight_smile:
Do you have something somewhere I can hear?
I am not allowed to post links but I am “othernode” on bandcamp, spotify, soundcloud and have a thing there called wildfire which I think falls under the category of cinematic.

i actually am not really making much music at the moment, i was joking haha sorry bad joke.
i would be up for it but right now i am trying to retrain myself to make music after a very long time away. i would drive you crazy waiting for me to do my parts :smiley:

hopefully we can do something in the future though when i am back up to speed

haha. well ok :slight_smile:
We still have corona lockdown here in the netherlands so I have a lot of time to make music atm…

ive been trying to make use of my extra time to make music, but failing pretty badly :frowning:

Hey man,

Welcome to the forum!

'Tis a good place with good people.