Hi everyone


Hello! I am another returning user from way back in the day (stem collector) and im excited to connect with you all again, discuss music production and share feedback on tracks as well! I took a bit of a hiatus from not feeling particularly inspired but fortunately for me creativity struck again and I’ve been making a lot more now that I haven’t really shared with anyone. I came back here because I found that other music production communities on the net generally consist of producers who are brand new or with under a year of experience under their belt. Nothing wrong with that of course but for someone who’s been producing for 19 years I find I don’t connect with the community as much as communities with more veterans such as this forum. Anyway happy to be back and see you in the Listening Booth!


I’ve looked elsewhere the past few years and I totally feel you regarding not fitting in as well elsewhere. My biggest problem is so many people have gone to discord, a chat platform, trying to build new communities. If you’re a student or something where you can be on all day and not miss anything, that’s great. But as an adult with a job I find that everyone wants to talk at 2AM and I need to sleep, so I miss most of the good talks.

On the other hand, it’s nice to know what we’re about and where we do fit in, so many people never find that. Great to have you here.


Thanks White_Noise. Yea i’ve tried going in the discord route and i do think it works if the community is at least somewhat regularly active. However I’ve found that a lot of the public servers dont have a very strong sense of feedback, more that people post music purely for promotion. Which is fine but kind of boring at the end of the day. I saw a thread about an idmf discord from a while back but the invite link was expired or something. glad to be here!


I remember you! Welcome back, man! (this is xnoisex / kvlt from back then)

Discord definitely has its pros and cons; I find a lot of younger people on there being marketed to by producer ‘influencer’ types, random communities with nothing really tying everyone together, and as @White_Noise said, a lot of great conversations going on when I’m just not there. It’s cool for a lot of things, but that format change still throws me for a loop sometimes.

Anyway, hope to see you posting some tunes around here. I love seeing people come back after all these years!


Discord, to me, is just dust in the win. Forums are more solid in my view… Words Cast in stone :ok_hand: