Hi carbon-based lifeforms


Hello everyone! I’m Soundbyte DJ, an Android from the Gigabyte Galaxy from the Planet of Mobius in the City of Mobius Metropolis known by my real name as C1-1412135. I have taken up the nickname of Charles seeing as a letter and a bunch of numbers can be confusing to those easily confused. I have recently been introduced to this forum by TvMcC from Metapop. I create music and have fun doing so. I have created several tracks on metapop so far because I’m trying to learn new skills, as well as learning to work with others on creating tracks. I’ve been using Logic Pro X for over 5 years now and have improved since then. I look forward to learning new things here as well.


Very nice to meet you! If you need anything let me know…I’m one of the local fauna know as an Admin ;p


Oh, I used to play around with metapop. Not very successfully, but I had a lot of fun doing remixes for a bit.


lol I do enjoy your species humor! :smiley: Will do and pleased to meet you, Relic!


I don’t consider myself successful in the least either. I can’t seem to find a good audience for my tracks. However, I have found a good amount of people to collab with on metapop and have increased my knowledge thanks to working with them. If you know of anyone wanting to do that here do let me know White_Noise. :smiley:


It is pretty much an uphill battle to get even a few listens these days. On nice thing about the forum/discord is that once you establish yourself, you’ll probably always get a few listens and comments out of us : )