Hi again


We have no idea if people will remember us, we were active for a couple of years in the early 2010s, believe we went by Kaede at time, and we only posted one track, but people seemed to like it.

Not really done much music in the intervening time, our production pc died, and we went through a bunch of traumatic shit, but we’re in the process of building a DAWless setup because live performance is something we’ve wanted to do for the longest time

Just to avoid any confusion, there’s only one of us, but we refer to ourselves in the plural because you’re never alone with DID. And yes, we’re a woman, there do seem to be more female producers around these days, but I’m willing to bet we’re still out numbered.


Welcome back Kaede, good to see you here again :slight_smile:


It’s good to see the forum still exists, even after all this time, and good work on reaching your 64th release


Nah, never heard of them, zero memories about them…

Welcome back!!!


Hey, it’s Kaede! I remember when we used to butt heads over random crap lol. Nice to see you again, my old internet friend!


Hope you’re still cruising the longboard


Welcome @Medusa :wave:

Love it the you are a we… the more members the better :sunglasses: