Hey Y'all its Gulches :)


Yo! My name is Gulches and i am a (mostly eurorack centered) sound designer and audio engineer of ~8‐9 years based in KY. Invited by @dj0xygen and figured id check out what yall chat about on here! Down to clown a bit and/or gain some inspiration.

Some musicians ive been inspired by of late include Eprom, Alix Perez, Ivy Lab, G-Jones, Kavari, Clipping, Shades, Space 92, Sara Landry and many many more.

Lets make some noise and exchange some notes :slight_smile:


Welcum! Got any links to some tracks?


Welp it looks like im too new to add a link to a post lmao.

My website is Gulchesbeats .com
For all my released tunes.

I post weekly jams to my TikTok, Instagram and Twitter as well.
Tt: @Gulchesbeats
Ig: @Gulches_
Twitter @Gulches_