Hey what's uppp!

Hi everyone !

I’m a 20 years old producer from canada who just started his “career” (that 's just sarcasm) I am kind of new to this whole producer life so I am mostly here to learn some new tips and also hang around people who have been producing.

I am mostly interested in progressive house and tropical house (yes you can say the mainstream music I don’t really care xox) and also the big room house cuz that’s “lit”.

If you have any link to your social medias I’ll be really happy to go and follow you! As a good edm lover I am all about sharing love and passion with music so if I can do it by sharing your music or your quotes I’d be more than happy to do it!

Love y"all and see you soon at a festival.


Welcome to the forum! I want to point out that IDM stands for Intelligent Dance Music. The genre isn’t as important as the composition. If it’s intelligent, it belongs here. Mainstream or not, good music is still good music and sometimes, things happen for a reason. They’re mainstream genres because they’re good, if they weren’t, no one would listen to them and they wouldn’t be mainstream.

But don’t listen to me. In fact, don’t listen to anyone. Reject the negative and only accept the constructive. Don’t let people make your decisions for you.

Hope to see you around!

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House and Techno head here (also Jungle/DnB when I’m feeling saucy). Welcome to the forum.

I wouldn’t worry about the IDM moniker of the forum, hardly anyone on the forum actually makes IDM lol.


I think of IDM not in the literal sense but more in the sense that the song is made well, with purpose, with intent. That makes it an intelligent track in my eyes.

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