Hey! How's it going? Greetings from Mexico


Obviously I am a music lover. My username derives from Shep Gordon and Sir Richard Branson. If you don’t know 'em you should look them up.

My fav bands are Pink Floyd, La Oreja de Van Gogh and Stravinsky
Progressive lover from head to toe.

Vocational: Music supervisor and brand manager


Welcome to the forum!




Welcome indeed @ShepBranson this forum could definitely benefit from some supervision! :sunglasses:

Seriously I’m very interested in the whole Music Supervisor field … in my small bit of research it looks fascinating but obscure… hoping you might shed som light. Looking forward to what you have to share.

Lots of fun, smart and interesting people here… and of course some great music… Enjoy! :wink:


Thank you very much @1roomstudio! It is a very interesting field. Search for Jaime Altozano on Youtube. He is a great musicologist and composer and his channel explains the dialogue music has in films. Like Star Wars, GoT and LoTR!
If you want to see some of the stuff I do check out my Instagram! is @shepbranson :slight_smile:


Great referral @ShepBranson I really enjoyed Jaime Altozano… he is passionate and intelligent. Next in the queue is “Porque Mozart no usaba el Si Bemo” I’ll be interested in his take on that bit of Music History.

I did check your IG … some very tasty work there. Will explore more in time. :sunglasses:


Yeah! Thank you for checking it out! And glad you liked it :smiley:



Random story for you: now that I live in the US, I don’t travel abroad as much as I did when I was in Europe (the joys of having a pathetic amount of vacation time when working for a big corporation). I used to always buy a couple CDs from local/national bands whenever in a new country, as a nice souvenir.

This is how I got " Lo Que Te Conté Mientras Te Hacías La Dormida" when in Barcelona in 2003 :grin:


Excellent album! My favourite is El Viaje de Copperpot.

I am also a big fan of souvenirs. Always got to get some when travelling.

You’re the first American (assuming you are one) that I’ve heard that knows La Oreja de Van Gogh


haha well, not American. French. But I left France 23 years ago now (holy crap how time flies)


Hey I’m new too! Glad you’re here though.