Hey, Good to be back!


Hey everyone. I guess my old account was a casualty of the crash. I’m envelope3, musician, producer, dude. I’m in Ottawa Canada. I play guitar in bands and compose and produce music as a solo act.


Nice to see you again. Everyone’s accounts were deleted. Old site was totally nuked.


I like the fresh look! I always really enjoyed the community here. Some amazingly talented people on this forum.


Absolutely! I modified your profile so you can post where ever without having to build up your post count.


Thanks! Appreciate it!


Fortunately, a good portion of the community has returned, and we’re doing what we can to nurture it so it’s even stronger. Always glad to see an old face back. Er, well, you know…


Yeah, welcome back. Glad to see a few returning folks from the pre-nuke times. this place is getting busier every day. What sort of music do you play in your bands?


All we want are your synthesizers…just give us your synthesizers and you can go free…


I play in a improv focused instrumental trio, a sludgy prog instrumental guitar drums duo, and a 7 piece yacht rock cover band. A wide range. lol