Help with trouble scaling MIDI-CV on Dark Energy

I’m testing this Dark Energy (MKI) and can’t tune it properly. The scale is off, it distributes one octave range from the oscillator in about two octaves and two halfsteps in the keyboard, making it impossible to play properly tuned sounds, as it outputs microtones.
I can’t find any solutions, the only thing stated in the manual is that the octave is 1CV, and the built-in MIDI-CV converter takes care of everything. I tried plugin different keyboards but everyone gives the same result.
I tried runing MIDI from a Korg Poly 800 and a Nord Stage 2 to my interface, through Ableton then into the Dark Energy with DIN cable. Also tried runig directly from the keyboards to the DE. Also noted that the reference note, the lowest C, stays tuned, but other notes keep tuning down. I made sure any LFO is messing with the VCO. So I don’t know if it’s a problem with the oscilator, with the converter, or what.

Any help appreciated.

I pulled this from a Google search:

Maybe that helps, I don’t know. But first thing I could find in relation to quirks of your box. Maybe other stuff out there. It seems to be normal thing for that box.

Thanks for the reply.

But the message you posted relates to the overall fine tuning of the oscillator, and that seems to be OK, since the reference note stays tuned.
The thing is the others notes don’t scale properly to the keyboard. For example, the first key C plays the C note, but following that, the C# key plays a note between C and C#, the D key plays the C# note, and so on.

Perhaps this video will make what I’m trying to say more clearly. I’m playing chromatic keys, but as can be seen in the tuner the notes don’t go a full step ahead.

@canecreek maybe if you have a moment : ) No obligation, you just seem the resident modular/semi-modular guru.

I’m sorry i ain’t going to be any help, coming from a Eurorack background hardly anything i do is in scale, i make noise then chop out the juicy bits in my DAW that its main function.

I’m late to reply because i have just rigged up my Dark energy MK1 to a Arturia Keystep via midi (not CV) and the notes across the keystep keyboard are working as they should which again isn’t any help to you only the fact that it should work and theres obviously a problem with yours.

there are trimmers on the DE PCB to adjust/tune scale, however I’m thinking maybe that just for CV (i maybe wrong), but to make sure I’ve just opened mine and you’ll have to remove the CV/Midi PCB to get at them.

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I really appreciate your chiming in @canecreek

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Thanks @canecreek and @relic !

I will open the DE this weekend and take a look if I can find the problem. I will post what I can make of it.

Hopefully it’s something simple. I actually thought about getting the DE at one point. Would hate to be dealing with that stuff instead of just enjoying it.

still messing about with mine as i browse the forum