Help with a sound - Former's use of voices


So, I work on trap instrumentals since a year, and I did not feel I could be back to a more personal electronic music project until now.

I’m listening a lot of Former lately, and I love how he uses voices. I was wondering if this is downloaded acapellas or recorded singers or something, I have absolutely no clue about how he actually does it and the techniques used. I’m extracting a lot of witch house acapellas and voices like Crystal Castles, Catnapp and this sort of stuff, thru RX7 and I will do some experiments later today, insights will be appreciated.


My first thoughts are a combination of autotune…general resampling…but also…granular synthesis because I know from my own personal experience…

In my own experience I have used granular synthesis because it’s something about how granular synthesis works that makes it super easy to pitch and time stretch any vocal sample.

With image line’s granulizer it has capabilities that allows the user to cut the vocal sample into slices if you select the step parameter…and the updated granulizer in fl you can automate the timestretch parameter…but with the granulizer as a third party plugin in ableton live…I’m not really sure…being that I only use fl studio.


my man, out of curiosity, is that FL granulizer plug in standard or did you have to buy it? I bought Studio edition when FL was in like version 6 or 7 so it probably didn’t even exist then…I want to play around with sequencing single grains in a granular sampler type setup.


I think its standard not sure if image line offers it as a third party plugin.


I have to reintegrate idmforums in my routine, I always forget my posts.

Finally had some results while wavetable-ing voice extracts, and further granular editing like you said :slight_smile: I’m on the right bus I think !