Help me play electronic music at a local battle of the bands

I found out about this battle of the bands thing a week before submission so I threw together some crappily recorded tracks. I was mixing into the very last minutes, to my surprise both projects hit the top 16 for a public voting round. Literally my only intention is to share some music and break out of the comforts of my room. There is not a lot of electronic music around here or it is hidden. Winning this thing to me doesn’t matter as much as simply getting to play (8 artists get chosen).

In general we frown upon self promotion around here without contributing anything to the community—(we even have a 30-post limit required to post your own music in our Listening Booth) but hey, I voted for ya anyways. I always wanted to win a battle of the bands. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thanks means a lot. I know I am being one of those guys. It is slightly shameful. Hopefully what I do inspires some other local electronic acts around where I live. It is very indie rock around here with a hint of hip hop. I am trying to gently fight the norm. My goal is not as much promoting or selling as much as meeting other local like minded people. They probably wouldn’t have let me in if I didn’t sing over my tunes.

I would love to sit in a room with another electronic artist and make some shit together.

I’ll see where this all goes. It is a life experiment.

Again, Thank you greatly

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Hey, this place has collaborations / events / compilation contests and great opportunities to meet other electronic musicians and be featured together. Come back around sometime, we always have new events going on :slight_smile: