Hello! I'm Venezoid


Hello im Venezoid. I apologize in advance for my english because im not native, but im a weird noise/whatevericancomeupwith musician. I decided to take myself back to IDM after been noticing a rise in popularity of Aphex Twin which i believe is IDM. If you have any reccomendations i’ll be pleased to hear them.


Welcome Venezoid!

If you’re looking to get into similar stuff, have you checked out his other aliases?
AFX, Bradley Strider, The Tuss, Caustic Window, and Polygon Window…just to name a few.

Autechre and Boards of Canada are usually lumped in with him as well.


Happy to have you. Let me know if you need anything (admin here).


Thank you! And coincidentally, I have checked out his other aliases. Aswell as Autechre (which i still dont know the pronounciation of). I like the WARP Tapes.


Thank you!!!


I have heard several different pronunciations of their name. I personally say: Awe-Teck-er.
The Warp Tapes are great, but they evolved so much from the early stuff, it almost feels like a different group entirely. If you do enjoy the Warp Tapes though, just go chronologically from there:
Incunabula–>Amber–>Tri Repetae…so on and so on.


It’s awe-teck-er? I thought it was the french pronounciation! Anyway thank you :slight_smile:


I know people who pronounce it ‘Owe-teck-re’, I don’t think it really matters. What’s the french pronunciation??


Im not sure either. Just imagine a french person trying to pronounce it XD


welcome venezoid!