Hello! I'm Aria c:


Hi! I’m Aria (although I use “[-^v-]” while producing)
I’m 18 years old and from Australia, hoping to meet some nice people and contribute to some of the community events that go on here and there.

I take a lot of inspiration from rhythm game music, and attempt to incorporate more industrial and mechanical sound design into my work, but sometimes I also just go with whatever the fuck an FL session gives me.

Looking forward to browsing c:


How long have you been using FL? I’ve been on it since version 10 for about the last decade and I still try something new a few times a year at least.

Got any favorite tricks?


Yo. Just got into FL like a month ago and I concur with those tips & tricks requests :smiley:


not too long actually! i only got it midway through this year after using reaper for a little while, im still pretty new all things considered haha

i suppose the only major “tricks” i’ve been using so far have just been using the sampler in vital with some gritty samples FM-ed over to oscillators to make some rly messed up sounds. that and also just, moving sound design up and down a few more octaves than you would think necessary to see how it sounds. it can also be fun sometimes to route some cool sound design and a deep 808 to the same channel with some distortion, has led to some cool outcomes in the past c:

would love to know more though! sound design is always an exciting concept for me


Hello :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::scream:




Very nice. It took me surprisingly long to discover that just pitching stuff way up/down can get you to interesting places.

In regards to putting multiple channels to the same distortion, I’ve done that in the past. If you mono the output of the distortion channel, you can keep the original channels as wide as you want and then when you collapse your mix to mono you’ll still have a version of those sounds. It’s a tough balance to use it that way though, because you have to get the levels of everything going into the distortion just right (or the distortion will spend all it’s time just reacting to the loudest thing) and you have to be really careful how much of that distortion channel you blend back into the overall mix (or you can change the tone and/or soundstage of your stereo mix in ways you didn’t intend). I’ve used it as a more obvious effect once or twice and that’s easier, but still difficult to make sound really good - the tracks where I do that are the ones that get huge mix revisions multiple times as I work on the song.

As far as sound design tips that are specific to FL studio… did you know you can bring a loop into Slicex and re-pitch the whole thing? Then you can play the auto sequence that slicex generates back in the same tempo as before but with a new pitch. It’s a different kind of time stretch that most people probably don’t think about, and it keeps everything on the beat too.


ill certainly have to try out the slicex pitching, definitely not something i would’ve thought of


Greetings from a fellow aussie. Welcome :slight_smile:


Heya and welcome aboard.

While I do not use FL, I’ve had many friends and family who love it.

A young cousin who recently got into producing (and now is in college studying production & music business) uses FL. I would like to offer you a bit of advice I told him, which he sort of brushed away.

Learn the plug-ins that are provided in FL! Particularly Harmor as it has some spectacular features that you would need to buy all sorts of stuff to do what it does! It’s so great for designing industrial and metallic/mechanical sounds!!!

Also, gross beat, and soooo many other plugins that are native to FL have me drooling…I am a logic pro, pro tools, Ableton trainer (also use a bit of hardware, including a Eurorack)…so I don’t actually have experience with FL, but can only implore you to make the most out of its native assets.

My cousin instead wanted me to give him copies of Serum, u-he plugs, Acoustica stuff, Arturia, and for me to sample all sorts of things from hardware for him…hope ya take this advice for what it’s worth…

Be a great day