Hello IDMF Users


I’m assuming many here were also on the former IDMF site that apparently disappeared awhile ago. I’m sure its documented on here what happened - I forget.

Hopefully I’m saying hello to some old and also new friends here.
I’m Michael, all my stuff is on www.violetmasks.com

Happy 2022!


Hi welcome to the forums. Yea, many of us are from the old forum. It was simply a matter an unfortunate matter of server failure and data loss.


That’s too bad to hear that. I remember it being a pretty active forum.


Welcome @violetmasks

Some of us claim nothing bad happened… and it didn’t happen long before 2020. Interesting how the thing that didn’t happen was a harbinger of the things that aren’t happening now.:thinking:

The good news is we are all still here … and we can keep making Music :violin::sparkles::sunglasses: