Hello. I am Focalized. Again... maybe

I hope to be. Hope to get back into making some music. I’ve spent more than enough on software I never use. I think the change at this site affected me toward not making so much music lately. As much as I used to. I hope that doesn’t sound targeting in any way to those running the site. Just the truth. Community breeds creativity. I miss how active this site used to be. The same went down when MP3(.)com and Electronicscene(.)com lost their significance for artists. It’s hard to make these things work.

So I’ve been playing more guitar, playing retro games and watching Joe Rogan podcasts mostly. And I am also an essential worker. I’m tired of smelling my bad breath all day with my mask on. I have enough TP for quite a while. Shout out from New Jersey. We’re an ok place to be.


Hmm… these are my favorite things as well. Welcome back!

Heyy I’m from NJ! Howdy howdy howdy.


" I am still right here" Trent Reznor.

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welcome back. I have been playing a lot of guitar myself lately, but not as much as I should to get where I want to be. Such is life.

Yassssss. One of us! One of us! Welcome back <3. The OGs are wanted and needed in these uncertain times.

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