Hello from Greece


Hi everyone, my name is Gerasimos and I’m a Greek composer. I’m influnced by musicians like Vangelis, Jarre, Yanni etc and create mostly ambient (but not only) music. My first album was released the previous month titled “Trip around the world”


Hey, glad to have you. We used to have a lot of ambient producers on here. I still do ambient on occasion (I actually have two pieces in progress right now). Hopefully I’ll have time to check your album out in the next few days.


Thank you! I hope I will hear your opinion soon! Feel free to send me your work too


Heck yeah. Welcome, and I’d love to give it a listen when you can post it up! :slight_smile:


You can find me by googling “Gerasimos trip around the world” in all known streaming platforms and bandcamp. Also check my youtube channel for the 4 videoclips I have uploaded (search by writing my name Gerasimos and then “Aegean blue”, “Meteora”,“Iceland” and “Seville”


Welcome to forum


thank you!


I got a chance to put on about the first half while I was answering some emails tonight. It sounds very cinematic, almost like library music for short films or something like that. I like the concept of doing different styles around the world as an album, gives you a chance to show off the wide range of influences you can pull from, pretty much the opposite of most electronic albums that I’m familiar with. I’ve never put an ambient album together, so not sure what ideas for structure they use.


Thank you for your kind words. SInce I work part time as a video editor the last years, my mind thinks in a more cinematic way nowdays, so it has influenced as well the way I face composition. Usually I have a vision of the theme, I feel like I’m a part of it and then describe it as music, in the logic of a soundtrack.


Wow, this is super cinematic. Sounds like a genuine OST to me


Thank you! I have already some cinematic project albums waiting in my PC (one about the universe, one about the Olympian Gods, one for everyday situations etc etc). I hope one day I will find my way in the film music industry, it’s my dream to do things like the OST of Vangelis


Hello brother. Greek here ^^


Welcome Gerasimos!


Welcome :pray:

Good to have more Ambient in the mix :v::sparkles: