Hello from golden furniture


I am golden furniture and I was bored so decided to look at some netlabels and found this place. Glad to see I joined during a competition. I will most likely submit something


Sweet! Good luck, hopefully we all get to hear it.

Well, at the very least I likely will. I do the mastering for these things, so I often hear the stuff that doesn’t end up on the final release as well as what does.


Cool. I’m excited. Also if I don’t get picked for the final release can I upload it by itself on my account?


Yeah, it’s kind of a pastime around here, whenever the list of who made the album comes out, everybody who didn’t shares their track and we all exchange some constructive criticism.


thanks for dropping by our community!! really excited to hear what you come up with for the competition! stay a while and make your way around our corners. have fun and welcome <3 --0xy


Welcome @goldenfurniture nice to see someone jump right in to a competition… best of luck :+1::sunglasses: