Hello from California


Hi, I’m a bedroom DJ, mostly make trip out mixes under the name GeRM. Usually I make slower mixes, but I recently finished a more fast paced/intense mix with lots of glitch elements, some IDM and breakcore which I thought this forum might appreciate. It’s got some very nitch songs from artists like Igorrr, that most people won’t like, so I’m trying to find the right audience.

Welp I just found out I can’t post links, I think I saw somewhere I need to post 30 times… I post less than that much a year on social media lol so that will probably never happen

GeRM - Cyborg Jukebox v1.7

2 hours 15 minutes

Spor - Anachronic

Phace & Subtension - Oh Dear

Phace & Misanthrop - Sex Sells (Phace & Affe Maria Remix)

Omnist - Canadian Sock Monster

kLL sMTH - gas pedal flip


Koan Sound - Max Out (Kursa Remix)

Vellum - Marvin Pt. 2 [Feat. Gravity]

Phunk Bias - Krypto Night

Ganja White Night - Flute Chillum

potions - Self-Devouring

Nite School Klik - Posse

Zebbler Encanti Experiment - Inside the Box

GRiZ & TVBOO - Bass Music

Craz - Inside Job

CharlestheFirst - The Undoing [Feat. kLL sMTH]

potions - The Ourboros

Vellum - Acid Mouth [Feat. MYTHM]

Skope - Slapback

Ganja White Night - The Origins

Ganja White Night - Dirty Girl

sumthin sumthin - Brilliant

Ekcle - Moonstone

Moody Good - Musicbx [Feat. Eryn Allen Kane]

Skope - Divided

My Nu Leng & Flava D - Soul Shake

R.O - Stop

Skope - Nordic

Culprate - About-Face

Voljum - Nature by Numbers

Grynpyret - Airplane Food

DET - Hidden

K+Lab - EW [Feat. Canosis]

Culprate - जलाना (Jalaana)

Igorrr - Robert


Culprate - Jelly & Ice-cream (Mr. Bill Remix)

Cobrah - Debut (Mirror Maze Flip)

Miilk - Straight from the Underground

Igorrr - Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano

FarfetchD - Blow Something

K+Lab - Powa

Frequent - Hold My Tongue

Noisia - Scrapped

Phace & Misanthrop - Super Low

sumthin sumthin - Technicolor

Bell’s Worth - Animalese

Frequent - The Goop

Hullabalo0 - Pylons

Ekcle - Within the Palms of a God

Audrey Nuna - Damn Right (kLL sMTH Edit)

Hullabalo0 - Blag Blag

CharlestheFirst - Mercy Falls

AnecDot - And I fuck Technology In Fact