Hello artist here with upcoming release trying to find a music family


Rejected by almost every other genre, so looking for a place to accept reject and share my music.

My third album “Piercing the Beautiful Blue Halo”, an 8 song concept album, is being released Dec 21st. The music ranges from Boards of Canada to Jon Hopkins, but a lot of IDM influences.

I wanted to post a link to the introduction track of the album, but I get error saying I can’t post links. I wonder if that’s because I am a n00b?

Blue Sky Alive


Yeah, that would be it. If you stick around, the section “Members Releases” should open up to you and you can post it in there for sure.

We are all about variety of musical influences here, despite the name. I shared a playlist of stuff I like that I found around these forums recently and it was mostly punk! Stick around, we’ll discover all sorts of neat stuff.


Welcome @blueskyalive

It’s true… lots of “off brand” stuff here. It seems the focus here is more about “I” and “M” and loosely about “D”

Looking forward to hear what you have to share :sunglasses::sparkles:


Thank you for the welcome! Album released 2 weeks ago. Getting good reviews. Audience slowly growing, but still tiny, but quality is more important than quantity! Cheers!