Headphone Maintenance - Sennheiser HD25's

Just popping in for a check. Ive just replaced the foam pads, headband pad and foam cushions on my old (what I thought were batterred to extinction) headphones. Firstly wow, for just over 15 quid from them direct the replacements have absolutely delievered some quality sonics. The old parts were shot to bits.

So the question…

Has anyone got a set and tell me the colour of the inner most coil in the headphone please?

I have some “clunk” on them and Ive started to clear it. However using good ol Iso 170 alcohol I noticed the brown was also revealing some black along with creamish white. So hence, the brown should not be there. Should I being seeing black, white, cream or other in that center coil. Will say mine are well over 20 years old so appreciate styles and parts change.

Any help appreciated.

On the flip side, if you think your old headphones are shot. Get some replacements (cables, foams, muffs etc) it makes ONE HELL OF A POSITIVE difference.

Peace all.

Ok all sorted and good as new.

I can vouch for this. My 7506’s were beat to shit after like 6-7 years of use (I wear headphones like 12 hours per day at least, used to wear them to sleep, etc), and some new pads made them feel like they were brand new again.

I’ve gotten a few other pairs since then, but I’m always glad to pop them on and know they’re still alive and well after like 8 years in total

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