Halsey...New album produced by nin? I think

Halsey made a new album I think it was produced by nin…

New album

A song that I like from her:

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Crazy timing - I just listened to it.

Before I continue, know that I love “Room 93”. Fantastic, raw EP.

Her first album was mostly great. After that… not so much. She tried to be some kind of rapper/punk/badass/whatever on the second album and lost me there.

I have not listened to “Manic” (3rd album).

I read that El Trento and Atticus worked on this new album (they’re on every song - see Discogs) so I got curious. There are some good songs but ultimately I keep getting that uneasy “stop trying way too hard to be someone you’re not” feeling from her. So it’s mostly meh overall.

She says she always wanted to make an “industrial pop” album like NIN (much cringe, I know) and I’m guessing she’s referring to the 1st NIN. It feels like she’s going to try every mainstream style under the sun now, for some reason. Of course, the 90’s are being revived, so you can expect plenty of pseudo Lacuna Coils or Evanescence copycat bands in the coming years.

TL;DR: it’s light NIN (you’ll recognize piano Trent easily) and not that memorable.


Dave Ghrol and Lindsey Buckingham both make an appearance as musicians on this album as well.


The song I posted reminds me of this

Can confirm Trent produced it. Heard a short segment on the radio about it a few days ago.

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There’s an extended interview on YouTube with Trent, Atticus and Halsey. Halsey talks way too much for the room she’s in but it’s cool hearing Trent and Atticus talk about their process. It’s like an hour long, worth the watch, especially if you’re a NIN fan.

I think the record is solid and am in full support of projects like this.


Like Atticus the mid 90’s band?

Can’t tell if you’re joking but I’ll assume you’re not :slight_smile:

No, as in Atticus Ross. Trent’s writing partner and the other half of NIN.


I was not joking : ) but I don’t know NiN that well aside from Trent’s name. I kinda knew I was wrong as soon as I googled Atticus the band lol