Halloween thread forget about pumpkin spice

Halloween that is all

We are having our annual party on Saturday. We do a day drinking, campfire, weenie roasting party where we dress up and pass out candy to the trick r’ treaters. We also make jello shots for the adults. After 10 years on the corner in our hood, we’ve become a popular destination. Will have the PA system and decks out as well.

A couple years ago I got locked out of the house at the end of the night tripping balls on edibles, slept in my car and shat in the yard. Thankfully I keep a roll of TP in my car in a ziplock at all times…

edit: we changed to a day drinking party after I got locked out lol…also the cops showed up that year at one point for a noise complaint

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This thread is in the wrong place but I’m on mobile and can’t be arsed, so please guys go ahead and ban yourself in the spookiest way possible.
Winner wins a hug from me Live in Skype or WhatsApp.

For some reason I don’t see the side room in the options for what section the post is in when I edit it?

I saw this thread titled “Halloween…” in music scene chat & no one bothered to post any music!

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Yea, I moved it here, but posting Halloween music here is great. I always think of like 80’s horror themes with synthesizers. All those arps and sequences : )

Lol witch house

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