Guitars and Things with Strings


A baritone scale length with Fishman fluence moderns and a hard tail bridge?
Don’t know too much about crazy down tuning tho, but if you are going to change tunings radically maybe 2 guitars is what you would need, the tension changes on the neck even with a fixed bridge isn’t great.

Edit by drop a do you mean Aadgbe? Or Aeadgb? Cuz either way you will have a real hard time going back and forth imo. If your guitar is setup for one tuning the strings will get crazy floppy when down tuned. Or too tight to up tune.
I could be wrong tho, I go from standard to drop d on one guitar and d standard to drop c on the other. But in my experience just going from standard down a whole step to d standard (Dgcfad) was too floppy for one guitar.


I’m talking AEADF#B. I was able to do it OK on my sixer without TOO much flop, but that’s kind of the idea. You need really thick strings of course.


I’ve used all the major brands and other than maybe Fishman Fluence, I’d probably go with EMG 81 or 85.

My solution to the tuning up and down thing was to buy more guitars hahaha. But then of course you have to change more strings at that point so it’s not all good.


What’s your budget? If you are not looking to invest into a nice guitar and just want some beater piece of shit simply for low tuned chuggs, then this piece of crap might be worth looking at:


Ok, I wasn’t sure. I know Mastodon do Agcfad but I don’t know what tuning you ment.
I would honestly go for a 7 string if I were you. Might be a learning curve, I don’t know, but you’d always have that low A and still keep a standard tuning.
But I don’t know, not my cup o tea all that.
I would love to try my hand at a baritone tho.


I’m mostly interested by his description here:

“Currently, The only thing that maybe needs replacing are the pickup rings as they have some corner damage by Hulk Hogan cranking them down but in general this entire guitar is so solid that I haven’t seen the need to replace anything.”

hahaha… what


Oh, yeah, I finally scored an Eastwood Sidejack baritone a couple of days ago. Should be here next week. That’s it, I’m done. I’m all guitar’d out.

@jbvdb493 where are the promised pictures of your G&L? How are you liking it?


Oh, man I just picked it up today. No pictures yet.

So far so good. But the nut seems a little junky, the string tree as well.
And I think I could lower the action a tiny bit. All things I will get to eventually.
Otherwise I like it.

What does that put you at with the baritone? 3 or 4 guitars?

Edit: your legacy came with a jb in the bridge? I am wondering if I should swap the original pickup in mine too. I already ordered locking tuners, but those seem to be lost at customs ffs!


Yes. Honestly, I haven’t really used it much yet. For the things I’ve been recording with it, I mostly picked the neck or the middle position.

With the Eastwood, I’ll be up to 8 electrics (selling my 7-string, so that will be 7 eventually), 2 basses, and 1 classical piece of crap. I went kind of nuts with gear last year, but I think I’m done. I’m not really lusting after anything and don’t really have space for more crap either.


There it is.

The helix rack in the back, controlled by the es5.

Ibanez RG premium, Gibson SG and G&L legacy.
Just ordered locking tuners, a new nut a new string tree and a Seymour Duncan JB for the Legacy.

I agree that neck sounds great on it, and mix neck and middle pup too is a cool sound.


That’s sexxy af.


Fuck me, this is smart


What is this sorcery? Mind blown!


So while I still think sonically a hss setup is super versatile, the middle pup is getting in the way of my picking! Never had a strat before, I guess I’ll have to adapt. First world problems.


Try to lower the pick up height and see if that helps. But also pay attention to how it affects the tone, as it can both make it better or worse depending on how far you push it. It’s definitely a balancing act. Picking closer to the neck or right between those 2 pickups gives you a much fuller tone. I’ve been paying a whole lot more attention to where I’m picking (and how) lately and I can definitely hear improvement in the tones I’m getting.


Yeah, there’s a list of things I am going to do to the guitar, lower the action swap the stuff I ordered in etc. I also want to get the fret ends filled, but that’s beyond my scope of skills.
But I don’t want to mess too much with the neck and middle tones too much as I like them as is.
It shouldn’t be a mountain to climb to adjust my hand position a little.


Considering jumping into the 7-string world. Anybody have some good recommendations for a seven? Preferably under 1k? Haha.


I am a big fan of Ibanez.


Best bang for your buck is probably an Agile:


Get one of these and just do it yourself.

The only thing that’s involved here is moving this thing up and down for a long time. If you’re really paranoid, you can prep the fretboard by putting painters tape everywhere but the frets. I didn’t just because I’m kind of beyond worrying about scratches on my guitars. They are simply unavoidable. I guess it also helps to buy used that are already full of dings and scratches. A few more don’t make a lot of difference.