Guitars and Things with Strings


What’s the hm 2? Got anything less grainy for pics (not trying to be a dick, just can’t see too well)

Oh, boss heavy metal derp!


My camera sux bruh


Today was a good day on the guitars front. Sold my Squire Strat. Broke even. Then snagged this beauty to replace it from a guy on CL who happened to be 10 minutes away from my house (which my lazy ass was pretty happy about):

The dude put a Seymour Duncan SH15 humbucker in the bridge with a coil split and a bunch of hardware upgrades. Feels and sounds awesome to me. Such a huge upgrade from the Squire for only $150.


Nice, I am really keen on the g&l too. That colour is great!
How versatile is it? Will it go from full Alice In Chains heavy to Hendrix? And clean? I was checking one out at the shop locally, hope it isn’t sold yet!
It has a 12 inch radius board the one I played, which is big for me. I hate round fender necks!
Love to hear your impressions of it.

Yeah, that colour combo is really striking!


Great natural finish


I’m honestly blown away by the variety of tones I can get out of it. Now, I don’t know how mine compares to a stock Legacy, since I know the previous owner did a bunch of upgrades (pots, etc). But I think they key to G&L’s versatility is their PTB system, as you probably know. There are separate knobs for treble cut and bass cut. With the bass knob fully on (10), you have a TON of low end and it sounds really heavy and full. If you want more traditional strat tones, then you need to roll off the bass a lot (like 4 or below). The treble cut is also pretty responsive and only starts getting into truly ‘dull’ territory when it’s down to 2 or so, so it’s a pretty gradual cut.

So together the combination of those separate controls, 5-way pickup switch, and the humbucker in the bridge that you can coil split makes it extremely versatile. It also has sustain for days. It seems to take forever for a note to fully die, it’s pretty nuts. Never owned or even played one before, but saw many people rave about these. Now I see why.

Love it.


I’ve very happy with Amplitube. I’ve enjoyed comparing them with some of the real amps I have. I have both the GK bass amp they model and I used to have a Deluxe Reverb. And some of the same mics.
By Amplitube 4, it was very easy to get them to sound almost identical.

Also I wouldn’t use IRs with Amplitube until you’ve compared with their own implementation of speaker modeling. They have dynamic algorithms that I feel strongly are superior to static IRs.

Tweaker is a good head. I had one for a while. I evolved/devolved? to using a very clean amp though. Have a Quilter now.


My main electric. Reverend Double Agent OG. I have two of these. One is black with maple neck and I changed one pup. My gear drug dealer knew I had this one because I’d demoed pedals with it and called me when they got one used in. Enabler.


Very cool. I find a lot of Reverend guitars very appealing for some reason. Never played any before, but there are so many models that just look really cool to me. And I hear good things about the quality.

Any opinions on Eastwood guitars? I decided that I want a baritone in my life. I’m selling my crappy 7 string Ibby because it kind of confuses me, since I don’t play it enough. It’s fine for chugging away, but trying to play anything else that actually utilizes all strings just throws me off. But I still want to have something with that low B. Plus, I want to get a feel for long scale necks, so don’t want to just re-setup one of my other guitars and throw a set of 12s or whatever. So a baritone it is. I’m particularly attracted to Eastwood Sidejack DLX for some reason. It’s so fugly/beautiful to me. Haha. Don’t want to drop a lot of money, but I think I can score one of those for under $400.


I havent been able to see any Eastwoods in person. Im interested in them, seem to get decent reviews, but not unanimously perfect, which is fair enough for the price.

I am personally very very picky about my guitar setup. I play them like shredders, super low action. Not because I play metal but I do do a lot of tapping sorta as I will play keys with my right hand sometimes keep chords going on the left. So if I cant see an individual guitar in person, inspect the neck, wont get it.

All the Reverends I bought were perfect with a setup. And ive played probably 50 in store locally. One out of the 50 had a little uneven neck bow. Thats a really impressive stat. Fender or Gibsons higher priced ones, would still be something like 5 or 10 in 50 by my informal mental tally.

To be clear, these are minor issues mostly that wouldnt be a deal breaker for most people with factory spec action. But thats why I have a few Reverends. Im never one for brand loyalty, I just want perfection at a food price :slight_smile:


New amp. Peavey XXX. This is the 4th one I’ve had. Sounds sick AF.


Just put a down payment on a G&L legacy hss tonight!
It’s quite cool. All black, humbucker is really good. Quite hot, which is perfect. And the other 2 are nice too, position 4 on the switcher sounded great! Better than the other similar guitars I tried at the shop. And the neck is great! Feels like my SG, but the back is a nice satin soft feel. 12’ radius fretboard.
It was a trade in, so I got it for a good price, with a hard case thrown in.
They are fixing it up tonight. The previous owner was quite good to it, but the term block was a little corroded. So the shop is setting it up etc.
Very happy! I really think hss is the best setup for guitar, very versatile.
I am gonna have to get used to playing with a trem tho!


I blocked mine. I’ll probably unblock at some point down the line and learn to wank with it, but for now I’ll take extra tuning stability and sustain. Yeah, that bridge humbucker is pretty hot on mine too, but it cleans up nicely with either volume or bass roll off. Is the headstock black too?

Good deal. I think you’re going to really enjoy it.


@Numerical what’s going on with that first guitar in the rack. It’s headless and bendy bananas


Yup all black.
I’ll post up pics at some point.


well, i know im a generation behind (i buy 90% of my gear second hand) but i’m getting a Line6 M9 this afternoon.

looking forward to it for stringed things, synths as well.


The m9 is very cool!


It’s a toy noise making thingy for kids from a long time ago called a First Act Discovery. I found it at a vintage thrift store a few years ago for four bucks. Been thinking about using it as some sort of midi trigger but that would take some serious gutting and mods.



M9 is cool, but im going to have to get the hang of gain staging within the unit, some of the effects lower the output (some pretty drastically)…

I like the choruses, especially for synths


What are some good pickups (and/or) guitars that are super good to handle drop A tuning and palm mutes?

I used to have an EMG with active pickups, and quite liked it… but I got rid of it because it had a floyd rose and drop A for grind and back to standard for black metal was just simply not happening, even on a yearly basis.