Guilty music pleasures


Post the Songs that you like which make people embarrassed to be around you. Lol


Lol, Paramore is one of my guilty pleasure bands as well but I only like the first album :slight_smile:

Apparently I’ve forgotten how to embed stuff but that’s supposed to be a video


I like the idea xD
This is what I could think of as far as guilty pleasure goes

and also this for sure


Where do I even start from???


I love it, This is right up my alley!


I bet you’ll know this one then:


I doubt there’s a living soul that doesn’t know this song xD


Pop music peaked in 1978.


This is one of my partner’s favorite karaoke songs lol


This song made quite a lot of people suddenly interested in the fall of the Russian empire.


This made me quite nostalgic so here’s a treat for ya (in case you never heard it before)


I never get to properly explain that I like this unironically.


That is a dreadful song but that’s the point of this. Actually liking something unironically.
We are with you, there’s no shame.


Proof that Indians are way ahead of their time!


Through the advent of ‘headphones’ (which are tiny speakers that fit on your head - brilliant!), I’ve managed to not subject others to my poor musical taste, thus a complete lack of guilt in my off-color music choices.

Honestly, probably something really 80s like Sisters of Mercy. Most people didn’t want to hear that ridiculous shit back then, nobody wants to hear it now, but I still love it.




I’ve been trying to think of something I listen to that is actually a “guilty” pleasure. I could list any number of things other people might laugh at me for liking but I don’t think that is the same thing.


That was what I was having trouble connecting. I go out of my way to listen to music I think is good. I understand that music and my valuation of good is subjective, but it’s mine. Thus, everything I listen to has some redeeming quality for me, and I can usually point that out if need be, so I don’t really feel guilty about it. Like I can’t think of a song that I like that I wish I didn’t. If I didn’t think it had some value for me, I wouldn’t listen to it.

If we’re just talking about stuff that isn’t mainstream that might get some raised eyebrows or a snicker amongt people that like and listen to whatever’s on Top 40 radio, then yeah…that’s almost everything I listen to. That’s not much of a litmus test.


In the spirit of the thread and not being a party pooper I’ll say Brittney Spears’ Toxic…I always thought the production was interesting for pop music at the time.